Just do what I want, Just the ordinary

I felt I needed the reminder to let loose. There’s always something to learn, or learn better. And that, is my personal appreciation for digital photography. That, I can make mistakes, lots of mistakes. Lots and lots and lots of mistakes. It feels like not doing a hundred push-ups, rather I’m practicing a single push-up a hundred times.

YouTube : “Election Eve by William Eggleston (Books, Episode III)” by T. Hopper

YouTube: “The Photography of William Eggleston” by T. Hopper

YouTube: “Imagine | The Colorful Mr. Eggleston” by theradpho

Indifference – Nov. 30th, 2020

But objects and land doesn’t give off indifference to you. You feel more from them. They dance in front of your eyes, and sing aloud to reach you. They collectively compose the scene and join in your meditation.

Maybe the close fixation on your alienation made you feel closer to objects and land, as another non-human member of the anthropocene.

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