Perceiving a summer memory

A dream: An invisible man in a non-hostile world

“And then the dust falls”

Long ago, summer meant time away from school.
Idyllic and comforting
There was time for everything
The time to truly play

To all the invisible people: I hope we find each other after the dust falls.

Recent Influences:

YouTube: Photographer Andre D. Wagner’s essay “On Being a Black Photographer” by CBS This Morning

YouTube: Making a Photobook with Wesley Verhoeve by Framelines

YouTube: Conversations | Photography Talk | The Future(s) of Photography by Art Basel

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

The Ralph Ellison Memorial on 150th Street and Riverside Drive

Raymond Moore Photographer, uploaded by David Moore

Recurring Thoughts:

Nihilism (Epistemological & Existential)

Maroon (My internal Maroon Space)

Running away & escaping

Feb. 8 – Practicing Lessons from the New Topographics – Spring Creek, Brooklyn

I went to PetCo in Spring Creek, Brooklyn to get some things for my Betta aquarium. I mentally named the area I was in: Amazon(TM) District.

Lewis Baltz-inspired

“New Topographics” by Emilia Mickevicius

In addition to subject matter, style was a major component of what distinguished New Topographicsphotography. In the exhibition’s catalog, curator William Jenkins described the photographs as “neutral”

Emilia Mickevicius, “New Topographics”

The song I was feeling in the moment: “Sixteen Tons”, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford

Indifference – Nov. 30th, 2020

But objects and land doesn’t give off indifference to you. You feel more from them. They dance in front of your eyes, and sing aloud to reach you. They collectively compose the scene and join in your meditation.

Maybe the close fixation on your alienation made you feel closer to objects and land, as another non-human member of the anthropocene.

Thinking about: