Seaside by Chance (2020)

“Seaside by Chance” is a series of photographs taken without looking through the viewfinder, an experiment in chance and spontaneity that invites unexpected compositions and happy accidents. With a focus on the tranquil shores of Seaside Heights, I collected details of this iconic beach town through a series of unmediated images that showcase the beauty and complexity of everyday life.

By relinquishing control and embracing the unexpected, I intend to create images that feel both immediate and timeless, capturing the essence of a moment in a way that is both honest and emotionally resonant. The resulting images offer a unique perspective on the world around us, revealing unexpected details that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Through this process, I has developed a new appreciation for the aesthetics of vernacular photography, with its emphasis on the everyday, the personal, and the intimate. These images are reminders that even the most mundane moments can be transformed into something extraordinary through the power of the photographic image.

With this project, I invite viewers to take part in a journey of discovery and exploration of their own, a reminder that the world is full of wonder and surprise, waiting to be seen and appreciated in new and unexpected ways.

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