“Enclosures” is a photographic project by that explores the complex relationship between humans, animals, and the rest of the natural world in the context of the Bronx Zoo. Drawing inspiration from classic family vacation snapshots and the carefully staged dioramas of Hiroshi Sugimoto, I use photography as a means of investigating the blurred boundary between the natural and the artificial.

Through a careful attention to composition, lighting, and color, I intend to captures the visual richness of the zoo’s enclosures, from the lush vegetation and rocky outcroppings to the artificial pictorial backdrops that evoke a sense of theatricality and wonder. Each image in the series functions as a living diorama, inviting viewers to contemplate the ways in which animals are represented and contextualized within human-controlled environments.

At the heart of “Enclosures” is a deep curiosity about the complex relationship between humans and the natural world. I invite viewers to reflect on our ongoing attempts to understand, control, and appreciate the natural world, and to consider the ways in which our own perceptions shape the environments we inhabit. Ultimately, “Enclosures” is a curation of the beauty and mystery of the animal kingdom, and a call to reflect on our shared responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations.

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