Vampires, and the Paleolithic Age. Oh, and running from Zombies!

Peter Watt’s vampires still lingers in my head. In his Blindsight/Echopraxia sci-fi universe, Watts invents a premise for his world where vampires truly existed, as an evolutionary offshoot from early Homo sapiens, and also went extinct by the time we invented architecture. Geometric structures with 90 degrees, perpendicular lines — and BANG! Crucifix Glitch, their visual cortexes fry like a circuit in a shitstorm… Watts’s words.

No part in his books takes place in the Paleolithic Age, which left me frustratingly thinking more about how these speculative hominids would have existed. Or any of other human cousins. Or how we existed back then.

What if any our cousins existed to this day?

Did they have what we call consciousness?

And if any of them didn’t, what would that be like to witness them?

I want to feel that connection with these ancestors.

I told Christina that I wanted to make things from scratch. I wanted something feel better suited to forge my path in life. I wanted a piece of humanity that I considered a birthright.

We made a date of it, traveled to Marine Park, and learned about stone knapping by the shore of Jamaica Bay.

Earth Science class started to feel really familiar again.

Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. Which one did obsidian belong to? Conchoidal fractures… I need you so much!

And I recently joined Zombies, Run! and caught the runner bug. It’s a really cool audio adventure where you can walk, jog, and run as you complete story missions, collect supplies, and evade zombies. I’m also thinking of it as remembering how to run from predators or angry large animals. There also happen to be some Stone Age story modes I haven’t checked out yet.

Media Influences

Blindsight book best chapiter (sic) – Peter Watt (YouTube)

The Vampire Movie They Don’t Want You to See. In Praise of Shadows. (YouTube)

Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural (1973). (YouTube)

Stephen King’s Other Vampire Story In Praise of Shadows. (YouTube)

BBC Radio: Salem’s Lot

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Gay Vampires with Religious Trauma. goldfish.brain. (Spotify)

Annihilation – I’m So Sorry That You Have to Have a Body. Boring Keith. (YouTube)

How Throwing Made Us Human. (YouTube)

When We First Made Tools. PBS Eons. (YouTube)

How to Find Flintknapping Rock, Unusual Materials, Knapping Tips + Tricks, Quartz, Primitive Survival. Wilderness Quest Outdoors. (YouTube)

Starting the Stone Age. How to Make Everthing (YouTube)

Cherokee Traditions: Flintknapping. Visit Cherokee Nation (YouTube)

Zombies, Run! Zombie apocalypse running playlist. (Spotify)

Mini-post: May 21st, Bronx Zoo

Went to the Bronx Zoo with Tiya and Matt. I wanted to work on snapshot aesthetics again, but this times, using ideas from The Anonymous Project and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s ‘Diorama’ series.

Nicer Tuesdays: The Anonymous Project. It’s Nice That. (YouTube)

A History of Snapshot Photography – Take Your Pick at UMMA. UMMAMuseum. (YouTube)

WAJDA PHOTO – Vernacular Photography: Snapshots as Unintentional Art. Kenneth Wajda. (YouTube)

WAJDA PHOTO – The Magic of Snapshots AKA Vernacular Photographs. Kenneth Wajda. (YouTube)

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Four Decades of Photographing Dioramas. American Museum of Natural History. (YouTube)

Plethora of Pictures



The edge

Hybrid land

Convergent evolution

Environmental anthropology

“During the American revolution the term wigwam was used by British soldiers to describe a wide variety of makeshift structures.

Latest Consumptions

Snapshot Photography: The Lives of Images by Catherine Zuromskis

Echopraxia by Peter Watts

Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts

Me, Myself, and Land

Digging up more photos from my archives, changing them, and trying out new possibilities, or identities for them

Post-analog photography revival

What is the film look that escapes digital photography?

How to remember something you didn’t experience first-hand?

Reality is null, there is only…

Art-making doesn’t feel like an efficient way to live for my circumstances.

Recent Consumptions

Can’t Help Myself & Death of the Author (YouTube)

Masters of Photography, Ernst Haas

Lartigue: Life in Color

Deep South by Sally Mann

what i see by Brooklyn Beckham

Ancient and Modern by William Eggleston

Still Time by Sally Mann

Group Show, Magazine Contribution, and more

Group Exhibit: What’s Your Black?

WHAT’S YOUR BLACK, curated by Fable Jones is on exhibit February 5th – 19th. Featuring 16 artists and 24 artworks.

Post image: Sandy Clafford


Heath Gallery’s Website

Color Tag Magazine Vol. IV

I was accepted to being a contributor for Color Tag Magazine’s 4th collaborative publication: Vol IV

Editor in Chief: Arianna Lucas

Limited Edition of 75

Get yourself a copy here: Shop

My contributed piece to Color Tag

The prompt for a Call for Art I’m interested in:

Please tell us about yourself and how your art practice relates to the the theme of, Memory + Healing + Sustainability? *

My response:

“My relationship with art is cybernetic and polyamorous. I work through computerized equipment with ‘smart’ technology and I feel supported in it. Like two hemispheres mingling righteously, the camera and softwares internally computes and suggests ideas to me. Sharing together our opinions on the art we want to make. My artistic progression is dependent on the speed, ease, and accuracy of contemporary technology.

My relationship with the camera brought me closer to nature as well. The work I’m submitting, I hope gives some insight to my hopes for the future of my body, or specifically my black body. A body that is tightly bound to work, inequality, and debt.

I think about how my body will survive in the future? Maybe in the future I could be like a child again? Maybe I will escape into the wilderness like some of our maroon ancestors?

My body is infused with the fragments of landscapes and nature that I collect in my photographic work. A harmonious integration, I hope. Through photography and digital image making I meld deeply with those memories and the fragmented experiences. The process is meant to be transformative, just as I’m trying to transform my own turmoil.

The whole thing is science fantasy to me.”

A new revamp of the previous image

More revamps to rediscovered photos in my archives

Recent Consumptions

Blindsight by Peter Watts

Blood Red Sky (film)

Masters of Photography, Saul Leiter

Jacob’s Ladder (1990 film)

Lovecraft Country (series)

The Beautiful Smile by Nan Goldin

Anthony by the Sea, photograph by Nan Goldin