Jonas St. Juste is a photographic artist based in Harlem, New York City. With a focus on photographing urban wilderness and unpeopled spaces, Jonas explores the intersection of nature and urban environments, using photography as a means of investigating the relationship between humans and the natural world.

Jonas’ work is characterized by his willingness to experiment in relinquishing control and embracing the unexpected; appreciation for nature and the blurred boundary between the natural and the artificial; and his commitment to exploring the social and cultural dimensions of his environment. Through a nuanced approach to image-making and his background in anthropology, Jonas intends to curate the beauty and complexity of these spaces, offering viewers a chance to reflect on the ways in which humans have shaped, and been shaped by, the environment around us.

Overall, Jonas is an artist who uses photography to express and explore his fascination with nature, aesthetics, and the human experience.

Select Group Exhibitions


Memory + Healing + Sustainability, West Harlem Arts, New York, NY

Cat Daddy, AHA Fine Art, New York, NY

What’s Your Black?, Heath Gallery, New York, NY


Behind the Lens, Fable Jones Studios, New York, NY

Black Gold, Fable Jones Studios, New York, NY

Resilience, West Harlem Arts, New York, NY

Structured Spaces, Dōdōmu Gallery, New York, NY

Art of Water V, James May Gallery, Algoma, WI



Heather B. Mattera Opportunity Scholarship by StrudelmediaLive


“Vol. IV”, Color Tag Magazine, Issue #4, print, Jan. 14, 2022


Artist Feature. NYC Photo Community, Issue 88, online, Sept. 17, 2021

Panel Discussions


Documenting Urban Change, West Harlem Arts, New York, NY

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