Reading “ON [____]SCAPES” and some new scenes from the Edge of Manhattan

“ON [____]SCAPES: Let me know you made it there okay. Send a postcard? Wish You Were Here.” – Daonne Huff, Studio Museum in Harlem We need a break, a change of view, an escapade, an escape—let’s get some air.-scape: a view or picture of a scene—usually used in combination, a noun (Merriam-Webster). Add land, city, sky, space, quiet, sound,…

Vampires, and the Paleolithic Age. Oh, and running from Zombies!

Peter Watt’s vampires still lingers in my head. In his Blindsight/Echopraxia sci-fi universe, Watts invents a premise for his world where vampires truly existed, as an evolutionary offshoot from early Homo sapiens, and also went extinct by the time we invented architecture. Geometric structures with 90 degrees, perpendicular lines — and BANG! Crucifix Glitch, their…

Mini-post: May 21st, Bronx Zoo

Went to the Bronx Zoo with Tiya and Matt. I wanted to work on snapshot aesthetics again, but this times, using ideas from The Anonymous Project and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s ‘Diorama’ series. Nicer Tuesdays: The Anonymous Project. It’s Nice That. (YouTube) A History of Snapshot Photography – Take Your Pick at UMMA. UMMAMuseum. (YouTube) WAJDA PHOTO…

Plethora of Pictures

Lenapehoking Wigwam The edge Hybrid land Convergent evolution Environmental anthropology “During the American revolution the term wigwam was used by British soldiers to describe a wide variety of makeshift structures.” Latest Consumptions Snapshot Photography: The Lives of Images by Catherine Zuromskis Echopraxia by Peter Watts Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts


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