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Lenapehoking Wigwam The edge Hybrid land Convergent evolution Environmental anthropology “During the American revolution the term wigwam was used by British soldiers to describe a wide variety of makeshift structures.” Latest Consumptions Snapshot Photography: The Lives of Images by Catherine Zuromskis Echopraxia by Peter Watts Freeze-Frame Revolution by Peter Watts

Me, Myself, and Land

Digging up more photos from my archives, changing them, and trying out new possibilities, or identities for them Post-analog photography revival What is the film look that escapes digital photography? How to remember something you didn’t experience first-hand? Reality is null, there is only… Art-making doesn’t feel like an efficient way to live for my […]

Group Show, Magazine Contribution, and more

Group Exhibit: What’s Your Black? WHAT’S YOUR BLACK, curated by Fable Jones is on exhibit February 5th – 19th. Featuring 16 artists and 24 artworks. Post image: Sandy Clafford RSVP Here Heath Gallery’s Website Color Tag Magazine Vol. IV I was accepted to being a contributor for Color Tag Magazine’s 4th collaborative publication: Vol IV […]

Then I remembered that photography can be a science fantasy… (Revamps & experiments)

…of make-believe and anachronisms Lately, I started looking back at photos I’ve taken years ago. Remembering why took such photos, and giving them new identities. There is influence here to the revival of analog photography, as well of personal circumstances of what is accessible. Being that what is not accessible tangibly, and what is abundant […]


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