Then I remembered that photography can be a science fantasy… (Revamps & experiments)

…of make-believe and anachronisms

Lately, I started looking back at photos I’ve taken years ago. Remembering why took such photos, and giving them new identities.

There is influence here to the revival of analog photography, as well of personal circumstances of what is accessible. Being that what is not accessible tangibly, and what is abundant in the abstract and digital.

Revamped ‘Snapshots’ from Seaside Heights, NJ (2020)

In July of 2020, to practice my aim, I took photos without looking through the viewfinder. In addition, I would not look at the image preview. After the first time I did it, while walking around Bushwick, I loved results. It was a good balance of capturing the approximate elements I was observing, and inviting unique, accidental compositions.

Recent Influences:

“Photographer Donavon Smallwood: ‘What’s it like to be a black person in nature?’” by Sean O’Hagan, The Guardian

Alec Soth: A Pound of Pictures

George Blakely, A Cubic Foot of Photographs, 1978

Brad Feuerhelm: the ghosts of Berlin


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