Artist Talk: Documenting Urban Change

About this Event

Land dispossession both historically and in modern times has affected the experiences of people of color all over the world. Whether through colonialism or gentrification Black and Brown people have had to grapple with the real challenges brought on by population growth, capitalism and greed.

In the third artist talk from our virtual exhibition series “West Harlem Arts: Resilience 2021,” we bring together four intergenerational artists that are all documenting the urban environment and using their voice to record and bring attention to this ongoing dilemma. Join Cathleen Campbell, Daisy Ruiz, Jonas St. Juste and Nicole Goodwin as they share their experience documenting the land, people and places that they call home.

Saturday May 22, 2021 at 4:00pm

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This event is presented in conjunction with “West Harlem Arts: Resilience 2021,” a virtual exhibition series from The Children’s Art Carnival and Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano on view until May 22, 2021 at

West Harlem Arts: Resilience 2021 is part of The Children’s Art Carnival ‘s New Normal Skills Development Series, presented in partnership with Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano.

Virtual Community Workshops, Establishing Your Community Practice Workshops, New Normal Skills Development Series, and Sunday Salon @ The Children’s Art Carnival are made possible with funding from West Harlem Development Corporation.

To learn more about The Children’s Art Carnival: Click here

To learn more about Centro Civico Cultural Dominicano: Click here

To view the West Harlem Arts: Resilience 2021 Exhibition: Click here

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