New Photo Studies

7 photos, 1 color, 6 black-and-white.

I think about lateral lines

I think about expanse and the distance things are from me.

I do feel reminded that I am capable of enjoying photos I take that have technical mistakes. As it can invite either more time to work with them or look for new ways to achieve a resolution, or harmony.

I think about working with ‘technical failures’, trying to recognize my intention with a photo and making it known.

The technical mistakes I’m talking about comes from how I didn’t prioritize getting a sharp focus, instead going with a ‘good enough’ capture.

I also worked with the soft focus in each image, deciding how much detail I wanted for the photo to make sense.

Losing expectations, and improvise to the needs of the images.

Not just seeing what things are, but finding out what it could be.

It’s a transformation, and the coming together of suggestions, experiments, agreements and disagreements.

A council of opinionated decisions, some automated, and some are organic impulses.

I think about my photographic tastes and the directions they are going.

What I’m thinking about:

“Banality and Cliché in Photography” by John Neel

“Masao Yamamoto: The Space Between Flowers” on YouTube

“Rambling through Eggleston’s Democratic Forest” by Alec Soth on YouTube

“The Interrogation of the Image” by Justin M. Jones on YouTube

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  1. I love this! It is very Wubba!

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