A Study of other Artists & Concepts

Photography as performance art probably more closely describe the commonality of the works I chosen and resonate with.

Sophie Calle, modelling as herself, described as “depicting human vulnerability and intimacy”. Her eyes closed, in one way to avoid light beaming directly to her eyes, but gives off the feeling she is offering something significant to the viewer. She’s apparently standing, so her closed eyes, to me, aren’t read as relaxed, but rather some rigid acceptance.

Deana Lawson: Dark-skinned, black individuals at home, in bedrooms and living rooms. It gives off comfort through the bodies of the models. Because is safe, home is a haven, no matter how much you try exaggerate the models features or pose compared to the plainness of the room, I still feel, I can still accept that this is there home.

Carrie Mae Weems, another example of black people at home but this time there a unique unrealistic perspective. How the subject in the center is presented as the main character of their on story, movie-like.

Justine Kurland’s work here has that energy I want to set loose. “The Lawless Energy of [Teenagers]”. Carefree bubblegum-blowing, rough housing, undress and being bare to nature, remnates of civilizations is in the background or hold small amount of space, like balled up clothes that been casted off, breaking social etiquettes. Greens, browns, and yellows of outside world visually dresses the scenes like clothing.

Hannah Wilke, modelling as herself, augmented body, grotesque, disregard for ideal beauty, chewed gum and hinting at unsightly growth and unashamed. An affront to the tastes western civilization comes to mind as a over-encompassing theme. Freakish, grotesque and yet captures the attention. Everyone who does look away in disgust has taken part of the crime as they take it in.

Ana Mendieta, disappearing human bodies, but erased but transitioning into something else. Bodies coming new parts of the earth, in a non-morbid light. Not carrying the connotation of discomposing but intermingling a molecular level. Maybe it’s the way she poses her body that gives the impression of what is happening is supposed to happened. Her body is realistically propped to be merge with nature, and not callously dropped there. “Planted” also seems suited.

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